Podcasting with Purpose

You have something to say... and the world is waiting to hear it!

Whether you are looking to launch a podcast to build market authority, expand reach, grow your business, as another revenue channel, or just for fun - this course will walk you from start to finish on planning your successful podcast, preparing for monetization, and launching with confidence!

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34 Lessons

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Welcome to the Podcasting with Purpose Course

In this lesson we review top reasons to start a podcast and what is covered in this course.

Podcast Gear Checklist

Download your Podcast Gear Checklist

Podcast Gear Selection

We will review the different types of gear needed to start a podcast

Podcast Business Plan & Framework Workbook

Download your Podcast Business Plan & Framework

Podcast Business Plan & Framework

In this lesson we walk through creating your business plan and framework for your podcast success.

Mentor Check In: Business Plan Summary

This assignment is a check in to see if you have any questions so far.

Identifying Your Ideal Listener Workbook

Download your Your Identifying Your Ideal Client Workbook

Identifying Your Ideal Listener

Who are we trying to reach? Let's identify your ideal listener.

Podcast Goal Setting Workbook

Download your Podcast Goal Setting Workbook

Podcast Goal Setting

Let's define your high level goals for your podcast.

Mentor Check In: Podcast Goals

Podcast Artwork & Music Selection

We will review the different types of art you will need, size requirements, and music selection.

Designing Your Intro and Outro

At the end of this lesson you will be able to draft and record your podcast intro and outro.

Creating Your Trailer

Understanding the purpose of your podcast trailer, and planning your trailer content for recording.

Podcast Episode Planner

Understanding story techniques, and the different ways you can plan your episodes, including using the episode planner.

Podcast Episode Planner Workbook

Download Your Episode Planner Workbook

Mentor Check In: Did you have any questions about creating your podcast trailer or planning your first episode(s)?

Audio Editing Tools

Reviewing audio editing tools and options, both free and paid available resources.

Finding Guests

In this module we will discuss the various ways you can recruit amazing guests to join your show.

Being a Guest

We will discuss where and how you can find podcast guesting opportunities, and perfect your podcast guesting pitch.

Mentor Check In: Please share your podcast pitch, and identify three podcasts to submit your pitch.

Video Podcasting

Are you considering adding video, or YouTube to your podcast? In this lesson we discuss the various ways you can do this for your show.

Configuring Your Podcast Host & Submitting to Directories

Let's dive into to talking about how to release your amazing show and content into the wild!

Podcast Workflow

A solid workflow keeps you from podfade and makes repurposing content a breeze. This lesson is the how-to you didn't know you wanted.

Podcast Workflow Workbook

Download your Podcast Workflow Workbook

Mentor Check In: Have you selected your host and outlined your workflow?

Have you selected your host and outlined your workflow?


Can you monetize your new podcast? Yes! Let's talk about a monetization strategy and what monetization looks like for you.

Podcast Website

Do you need a website? Let's talk tips and review the options from building one, having one built, or using what is available through your podcasting host.

Planning Your Launch

In this lesson we talk about planning a successful and engaging show launch.

Repurposing Content to Gain Listeners

Let's talk about all the content you can create from a single episode, and how you can get your guests to share and promote the show!

Do Numbers Matter?

What numbers should you measuring and where do you find them?

Your Podcast Media Kit

What are the basic elements of a podcast media kit, and why?

Avoiding Pod Fade

Let's discuss what pod fade is and how to avoid it.

Course Survey

Your feedback matters. What did you love and how could this course have been better?