Nonprofit Business Planning for the Social Entrepreneur

Have you been thinking of starting a nonprofit? Face it, the world needs you now more than ever! You are a change-maker, a hero, someone with a vision for a better world. You are a social entrepreneur.

As a social entrepreneur, your wisdom tells you that you need a plan to not only launch your nonprofit but to also ensure that you reach the right people, with the right services. You also know that part of planning is looking beyond getting started and setting into place the tools that will create vibrancy, viability - and most important of all - sustainability.

The "Nonprofit Business Planning for the Social Entrepreneur " course will guide you and set the stage for the impact and reach that I know you will achieve and sustain.

Let's go - we have much good to do!

31 Lessons

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Welcome to the Course

Welcome and Instructions

Welcome! Let's review the course layout and resources available to you.

Download: Business Plan Template

This is your customizable Nonprofit Business Plan template.

Assignment: Getting Started

After reviewing the business plan template, what questions do you have before we begin?

Your Nonprofit Start-up Checklist

Your Nonprofit Start-up Checklist

Let's talk about the nonprofit start-up checklist

Download: Your Nonprofit Start-up Checklist

This is your Nonprofit Start-up Checklist with resource links

Assignment: Start-up Checklist

Were you able to complete your check-list? Did you have any questions about any of the steps?

Identifying Your Cause Area

Identifying Your Cause Area

Download: Cause Area Workbook

Download your workbook for Identifying Your Cause Area

Assignment: Cause Areas

The goal of this assignment is to share the results of the work completed in the Identifying Your Cause Area lesson.

Identifying Your Target Population

Identifying Your Target Population

Download: Target Population Workbook

Download your workbook for Identifying Your Target Population

Assignment: Target Population

Now that you have analyzed your target population, tell me a little about them.

Your Needs Analysis

Your Needs Analysis

Download: Needs Analysis Workbook

Download your workbook for completing Your Needs Analysis

Assignment: Needs Analysis